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2015 APR

Remedial effects of the ginkgo biloba plant – Part 1

  1. Ginkgo biloba makes blood clean and fluent.
  2. Ginkgo biloba strengthens blood vessels.
  3. Ginkgo biloba cures arteriosclerosis.

Ginkgo biloba makes blood clean and fluent.

Ginkgo biloba leaves and nuts Ginkgo biloba has the effect of lowering blood viscosity, i.e. making it more fluent, and spreading out the blood vessels. This effect is achieved mainly due to such ginkgo components as ginkgo flavonoids and ginkgolide. Vasodilator drugs are widely used in conventional medicine. These drugs work by dilating blood vessels quickly and forcibly, which may create sudden drops in blood pressure and cause serious side-effects. Ginkgo biloba achieves similar effects more slowly and naturally, starting from smaller peripheral blood vessels and extending this effect to the bigger blood vessels. In this way, ginkgo biloba extract puts no extra burden on the heart or blood vessels. Naturally there are cases when vasodilatator drugs must be used in order to achieve a quick effect, but ginkgo biloba may be better for achieving a long-term effect. Blood vessel dilation and the blood thinning effects of ginkgo biloba start to reveal themselves on average after 4–6 weeks after starting ginkgo biloba treatment. As blood vessels spread out, naturally blood starts flowing more smoothly, and the coefficient of blood viscosity is reduced. Blood can now reach every corner of our organism and discharge more waste products. Consequently blood gets cleaner and even more fluent. We will touch on this later in detail, but ginkgo biloba extract is capable of making the blood itself thinner by suppressing active oxygen.

Ginkgo biloba strengthens blood vessels.

It is often said that the human body starts aging from the blood vessels. It can be also said that in turn blood vessel aging starts from the blood. First, ginkgo biloba acts on blood by making it smoother. When blood gets cleaner, blood vessels also get stronger. Additionally, ginkgo works directly on the smooth muscle fibers in blood vessels and repairs their walls. That is why taking ginkgo biloba extract long-term helps rejuvenate blood vessels and makes them strong and resilient. Even if the hardening of the arteries is already underway, ginkgo will be useful to reverse this process. vessels and make them strong and resilient. Even if the hardening of the arteries is already progressing, ginkgo will be useful to turn this back.

Ginkgo biloba cures arteriosclerosis.

In modern-day Japan almost 100 percent of middle and old age people are said to suffer from lifestyle diseases to some degree. Lifestyle diseases not only shorten lifespan, but also degrade quality of life. Many of the lifestyle diseases, for example cerebral apoplexy, heart diseases, and hypertension are related to arteriosclerosis or arterial hardening. Plainly put, cholesterol found in blood is the factor causing arteriosclerosis. Excess cholesterol gets crystallized, sticks fast to the inner surface of the blood vessels and obstructs the blood flow in them. Blood vessels become very similar to a rubber hose that got old, lost its resilience and finally got torn to shreds. Ginkgo biloba works directly on the abnormal parts of the blood vessels, removes the obstructions inside them, spreads them out and normalizes blood flow. In this way even the blood vessels that were on the brink of breakage regain their softness, resilience and can rejuvenate.