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Baby's First Mask (3 pieces)_0Baby's First Mask (3 pieces)_1

Baby's First Mask (3 pieces)

All materials are gentle on the skin.
●With three-dimensional dome shape the air is easily reaching the mouth and the mask doesn't stick.
●Special design to fit baby's nose and cheeks. ※Not using wire.
●Ear strap is soft and doesn't hurt
●The inner surface is soft and has a pleasant texture
●Breathing is comfortable with the air vent route
●A cute illustration on the mask
●A hygienic type mask which is made a full use of
※Target age : 1 year and a half~under 3 year
※Don't use for babies under 1 year.

Materials: polypropylene, polyurethane, nylon
Size description: about 92X78mm
Contents 3 pieces
Warning: ・Although this mask is for babies older than 1 year and a half, in cases such as if the baby vomits, there is a RISK that the baby's breathing can be obstructed. When using this mask the guardian MUST NOT take his eyes off the baby.
・Because there is a RISK of suffocation, don't put the ear strap on places other than ears, such as throat.
・DON'T use for babies who cannot take off the mask without others' help.
・DON'T use at bedtime.
・This product cuts off the sprayed particles coming from the front and cannot prevent the infection completely.
・DON'T use for babies under 1 year and a half and for babies with any abnormal conditions to their respiratory organs.
・There are cases when the size doesn't fit the baby. Don't use the mask in this case.
・DON'T use if there are any abnormal conditions to the baby's skin such as scratches, swelling, eczema and such.
・If during or after using this mask the baby has any abnormal conditions, such as skin-rush, redness, swelling, irritation and such, STOP using this mask and consult the doctor.
・If the baby feels sick with the mask's smell STOP using this mask.
・DON'T use the mask if it is wet.
・The mask doesn't protect against poisonous gases, toxic/harmful fine particles.
・Because it is a disposable type mask, don't wash and reuse it.
・From the hygienic and functional standpoint it is recommended to use one mask per day, but in case the mask gets dirty or otherwise difficult to use, replace it.
・Don't use near fire.
・Keep it out of reach of babies.
・Don't keep it in high temperature or high humidity places.
Manufacturer: Pigeon Co.Ltd. (Japan)

Full-text version (where you can make purchases) is here. Please, click here.