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Denshichi Ginseng (Notoginseng) in capsules_0

Denshichi Ginseng (Notoginseng) in capsules

This product uses 100% carefully selected 7 year old denshichi ginseng (notoginseng). It is a particularly beneficial supplement for persons of middle age and above. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng generally refers to Asian ginseng (Korean ginseng). Botanically speaking denshichi ginseng is a relative of Asian ginseng, with both belonging to the same Aralia family. However, the shape and potency of the roots are quite different. Since ancient times the Chinese have thought about all things in terms of yin and yang. Asian ginseng is certainly the "yin" and denshichi ginseng is its "yang". Although it is the yang, denshichi ginseng also combines some of the qualities of the yin, Asian ginseng. It also has soothing qualities of the yang. For example, when the liver becomes inflamed, denshichi ginseng can help reduce the inflammation. If there is increased growth of cancer cells somewhere in the body, notoginseng can help repress this growth. Notoginseng can also help prevent the clogging of veins and arteries.

  • Saponin is a chemical compound that creates a foam when combined with aqueous solutions, so it was named using a derivation of the word soap. Saponin is essential to the power of notoginseng. Saponin contains components that interact well with water (hydrophilic) and parts that do not interact well with water (hydrophobic). Just like soap itself, saponins are surface active agents that dissolve oil but can be washed away with water. Surface active agents are highly permeable, and saponin itself, along with other important components, helps improve permeability of membranes within the body. Saponin's main function is to help the entire body to absorb important nutrients, thereby improving nutrition and health.
  • Did you know? Saponin alone can't bring results. With the cooperation of a major pharmaceutical company, we carried out unique studies regarding the differences between regular ginseng and medical ginseng, and the saponin compound found in notoginseng. Through these studies we found that extracting saponin alone did not produce any noticeable changes in the numerical results. In reality, we found that changes only occurred when saponin was combined with many different compounds found within notoginseng. In other words, consumption of notoginseng only makes an impact when the saponin is combined with other components.
Dosage: Take 9-12 capsules a day with water.
Contents: 80g (320mg x 250 capsules)
Nutrition facts per 10 capsules (2.5g):
Calories (kcal)Protein (g)Total Fat (g)Total Carbohydrate (g)
9 0.09 0.1 2
Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Dietary Fiber (g) Others
1.3 - - denshichi ginseng (notoginseng) 2.5g
Manufacturer: Orihiro Co., Ltd. (Japan)

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