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ReMou Powerful Hair Growth Support - Scalp Lotion

UkonThis groundbreaking hair restoration product is a result of the collaborate research conducted at Tokyo State University (東京大学) and St. Marianna University School of Medicine (マリアンナ医科大学). Strictly speaking, this product does not fall under neither hair grower nor hair tonic category. By turning the homeostasis switch on, a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes, gets restored. This is achieved through adding plentiful nutrients contained inside euglena (freshwater flagellate) which will nourish the hair papilla and help restore your hair vitality, revitalize its core and return its healthy luster. This product has won the grand prix at Japan Venture Awards 2012. The forefront nano technology developed by the venture company of St. Marianna University School of Medicine made it possible to have significant hair restoration results after one month of using the "Re;Mou".


The cells of our scalp, similar to other skin cells take about 28 days to fully regenerate. Nanocube is the material developed as a result of the research intended to create a way to deliver medications directly via the skin. This technology was conceived by physicists and finally implemented in the field of medicine. When reduced to nano-size, the currently existing hair growth medications will have a multiplied effect and stimulate the devision of hair matrix cells and hair papilla more efficiently. After publishing the first successful results of applying the nanocube technology this project managed to win the research grant of 100 million yen from NEDO (The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).

When our skin is damaged, it will produce hyaluronic acid and collagen to restore the skin matrix of the damaged part. Nanocube moleculae will temporarily disturb the order of the intercellular lipid structure without actually damaging the cells. This will lead our skin to believe that there actually was damage and the natural skin restoration mechanism will be activated through turning the homeostasis switch on. This will help our skin heal naturally.

Why euglena (freshwater flagellate)?

Euglena is a relative of tiny alga that was present on this planet as early as 500 million years back. Because euglena's nutrients are so diverse and the nutritive value is so high, it is believed that humans can survive by consuming only this plant. This is why NASA started its research on euglena in 2005. Later a venture company of Tokyo State University succeeded in mass production of euglenia which made possible its the usage in the cosmetics industry. Euglenia is said to contain 59 valuable nutrients and hydrophobic amino acids useful for the health of our hair.

Full-text version (where you can make purchases) is here. Please, click here.