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Saffron GOLD

This product is using saffron flowers collected at the southern island of Kyushu only. The saffron powder contained in Saffron GOLD includes the functional ingredient crocin which has been the focus of many articles, academic conference papers, etc. Saffron is used mainly as a spice, but the spice contains little crocin as the crocin that saffron contains breaks down quickly. Saffron GOLD contains 60 mg of saffron powder per 3 tablets. Saffron has been long known for its calming effect. In Japan generally the dried saffron pistils are eaten, and in Kyushu where cultivation is flourishing they drink it in tea in order to maintain good health.saffron
Yukihiro Shoyama is one of the most famous saffron researchers worldwide. Currently Professor in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nagasaki International University, Yukihiro Shoyama is Kyushu University Emeritus Professor, Kyushu University Specially Appointed Professor in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He was previously a professor in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kyushu University in 1991, and in 2004 became Director of the Graduate School Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as Dean and Director of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kyushu University. Turning his attention to the effects of saffron, he has undertaken research on the composition and effectiveness of the spice. Prof. Shoyama is the leading figure in saffron research. saffron gathering
Saffron is a perennial plant of the genus Crocus in the family Iridaceae, originating in Southern Europe and Asia Minor. In Japan the dried stigmas and styles (pistils) of the flower are commonly used as an ingredient in the preparation of home remedies for their calming effects and the like. No more than 3 small pistils can be taken from each flower, and over 100,000 flowers are needed to collect 1 kg of dried pistils.

Ingredients: refined fish oil with DHA, macadamia nut oil, saffron powder, ginkgo leaf powder extract, gelatin, beeswax,  extracted Vitamin E, coloring agent (caramel), soybean lecithin, V.B6、V.B12
Suggested Use: Take 1 pack (3 capsules) daily with cold or warm water.
Contents: 29.25g (3 capsules (1packet) × 30)
Manufacturer: Morikawa Kendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Nutrition Facts (per 3 capsules):
Calories (kcal)Protein (g)Total Fat (g)Total Carbohydrate (g)
6.16 0.28 0.49 0.15
Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Others:
0.37 - -

 saffron powder extract 60mg

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