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Tongkat Ali Koteirin Tiger

Metabolic’s Tongkat Ali Koteirin Tiger is a mixture combining scorpion and red pit viper with the main ingredient tongkat ali, an herb popular among men in Malaysia. Moreover, with 20% more maca extract than Maca Koteirin, this product will boost a man’s power to the maximum limit. With the inclusion of abundant alluring ingredients like softshell turtle, cobra snake, reindeer antler, caterpillar fungus powder, garlic, and chili pepper, this Koteirin - you could even call it the “Last Emperor” - is a step above. That is the level of quality you get with Tongkat Ali Koteirin Tiger.

  • Tongkat ali... is a plant known in Malaysia by the name “Ali’s walking stick,” as its root grows so large that it can be used for a walking stick. Infusions made from the root are drunk often.
  • Maca... maca is a plant that inhabits the highlands of the Peruvian Andes at over 4000 meters, capable of enduring harsh environments.
  • Softshell turtle... known for its tenacious bite, the softshell turtle is recommended for perseverance.
  • Caterpillar fungus... is a mushroom that hijacks insect bodies in the winter and grows rapidly in summer, growing in a form similar to grass.
  • Scorpion... known as the desert hunter, the scorpion has is a strong set of armor and tenacious life force that will persist in harsh environments.
  • Red pit viper... red pit viper is perfect as a nutritional supplement for men. They coil up and shoot a menacing gaze at anyone that comes near, and their bite is merciless.
  • L-arginine... is an important amino acid for maintaining male vitality.

Recommended for these types of people:

  • Those who hope for the strength of a man filled with fighting spirit
  • Those who would like to find the strength they have hidden inside
  • Those who look back fondly on the past and the way they were back in the day
Dosage: Take 10 tablets a day dividing it into 2-3 times.
Contents: 60g (300mg x 200 tablets)
Nutrition facts (per 10 tablets):
Calories (kcal) Protein (g) Total Fat (g) Total Carbohydrate (g)
11.4 1.58 0.14 0.98
Sodium (mg) Sugars (g) Dietary Fiber (g)  Others
0.2-20 - -

zinc 15mg

selenium 50ug

niacin 10mg

Manufacturer: Metabolic Co.,Ltd. (Japan)

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