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Mushroom Mycelia XD-0013 GOLD

Mushroom Mycelia XD-0013 GOLD is made from the extract of the medicinal mushroom mycelia (Agaricus, Reishi, Shiitake) that have been carefully cultivated on a bed of sugar cane bagus. The extract is combined with Okinawan guava leaf extract and fig leaf extract - the highly valued functional material. Mushroom Mycelia XD-0013 GOLD is manufactured at the Kanehide Bio Co. Ltd.'s plant (in Okinawa, Japan) that has been certified by the stringent ISO9001 • 2000, ISO9001 • HACCP standards, so you can rest assured that in buying this product, you get the best quality possible. mushroom mycelia

Mushroom Mycelia XD-0013GOLD's features:

  • It contains three types of the medicinal mushroom mycelium (hypha). Agaricus Blazei Murill mycelium is known to be rich in β-d-glucan, the polysaccharide effectively suppressing the tumoral growth. Reishi mycelium contains, among other components, valuable polysaccharides, and is known for its antitumor effects. Shiitake mycelium, besides containing considerable amounts of β-d-glucans, also contains the precious eritadenine. Extracts from all three of these mushrooms, when combined together, act synergistically, which multiplies the total antitumor effect of this product.
  • The Mycelia of Agaricus Blazei Murill, Reishi and Shiitake in this product was carefully cultivated using sugar cane bagus rich in lignin.
  • We added Okinawa's guava leaf extract, recently gaining attention because of the polyphenols contained in this plant, and the extract of the mulberry leaf, useful as a functional material, in order to boost the healthful properties of this product even further. Every 1.1g of this product contain 153.5mg of guava leaf extract and 51.2mg of mulberry leaf extract. Agaricus, reishi and shiitake mushrooms.

What is the mushroom mycelium (hypha)?

Mushroom mycelium is basically mushroom roots in the form of threads that grow before the mushroom body emerges above ground. Compared to the body of the mushroom, its mycelium is considerably richer in valuable nutrients, including polysaccharides known for their antitumor effects. Mushroom mycelia for this product are cultivated on a bed of sugar cane bagus, which is the lees that remain after the sugar cane has been wrung.

Several things must take place before the Mushroom Mycelia XD-0013GOLD becomes a product ready for consumption:

  1. Countless bright sunny Okinawan days are necessary to grow the sugar cane blessed with so many valuable nutrients.
  2. Sugar cane gets wrung and the remaining lees (bagus), rich in lignin dietary fiber, become the material for the culture medium of the mushroom mycelia.
  3. After adding extra nutrients to the lignin-rich bagus, mushroom spawn is then planted to cultivate the mushroom mycelium (hypha).
  4. Sufficient time is given so that mushroom mycelia gets cultivated inside the cultivation rooms under stable humidity and temperature conditions.
  5. After some time, all bagus becomes white, covered with a thick layer of mushroom mycelia, ready to be used for extraction.
Dosage: Take 3 packages (15 tablets) a day with water or a warm drink.
Components: Fungi compound mycelium extract powder (dextrin, Okinawa-grown Agaricus Blazei Murill, Shiitake, Reishi), Okinawa-grown Guava leaves extract powder, Morus (Mulbery) leaves extract powder, simple sugar aliphatic acid ester, Phosphoric acid Ca, Shellac, Starch (methil cellulose)
Contents: 99g [(220mgX5tablets/package)X90]
Manufacturer: Kanehide Bio Co., Ltd. (Okinawa, Japan)

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