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Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a type of mucopolysaccharide, and it is present in large quantities in human body’s connecting tissues. Hyaluronic acid has an outstanding moisture-retaining capability, about 6000 times higher than shark cartilage. However the ability to produce hyaluronic acid decreases with age, so to maintain lustrous skin, it becomes necessary to supplement the body with some extra hyaluronic acid. Fine's Hyaluronic Acid is a nutritional supplement that contains, as its main ingredient, mucopolysaccharide, a source of hyaluronic acid, obtained from cockscomb. This product also contains cell-wall matrix collagen, salmon albumin extract (DNA), pork placenta, and Vitamin C. 15 capsules of Hyaluronic Acid contain 1125mg of hyaluronic acid!


Complex mucopolysaccharide (Hyaluronic acid), Purified collagen, Salmon albumin extract (DNA), Pork placenta extract (domestic product), Vitamin C, Sucrose fatty acid ester

Suggested Use: Take 10 to 20 capsules a day with water or lukewarm water.
Contents: 81g. (150mg x approximately 540 capsules)
JAN: 4976652002029
Manufacturer: Fine Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Nutrition Facts per 15 capsules (2.25 grams):
Calories (kcal)Protein (g)Total Fat (g)Total Carbohydrate (g)
7.6 1.7 0 0.2
Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Others
33 - -
  • Hyaluronic Acid 1125mg
  • Purified Collagen 450mg
  • Placenta 112mg
  • Elastin Peptide 50mg
  • Vitamin C 112mg

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