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SouSou fermented extract

SouSou is a fermented plant extract consisting of 12 varieties of carefully selected locally grown (on Okinawa) native wild plants (such as choumeisou - member of the Apiaceae family, kumiskuchin, guava leaves, Gynura crepioides, autumn ukon, ryukyu mugwort, mugwort, goya, mulberry leaves, spring ukon, fennel) that have been fermented with lactic acid bacterium. Added to this base is the best of what the Okinawan land and sea can offer, including moromi vinegar, fucoidan extracted from mozuku seaweed, and noni juice. This is a highly recommended health supplement.

Dosage: Take 1-2 caps(30-60ml) of this drink daily.
Ingredients: Okinawa wildflowers fermented extract, moromi vinegar, brown sugar, mozuku seaweed extract, noni fruit extract, hihatsu extract, dextrin, citric acid.
Nutrition Facts (per 30ml):
  • energy: 18.6kcal
  • proteins: 0.3g
  • lipids: 0.3g
  • carbohydrates: 3.7g
  • natrium: 13.5mg
  • kalium: 84.5mg
  • calcium: 6.6mg
  • magnezium: 7.96mg
  • iron: 0.12mg
  • zinc: 0.06mg

organic acids:

  • citric acid 0.46g
  • malic acid 0.01g


  • arginine: 13mg
  • lysine: 7mg
  • histidine: 4mg
  • phenylalanine: 5mg
  • tyrosine: 6mg
  • leucine: 7mg
  • isolectin: 5mg
  • methionine: 2mg
  • valine: 7mg
  • alanine: 9mg
  • glycine: 9mg
  • proline: 16mg
  • glutamic acid: 25mg
  • serine: 8mg
  • threonine: 6mg
  • asparagine acid: 34mg
  • triptophan: 1mg
  • cystine: 3mg
Contents: 900ml
Manufacturer: Kanehide Bio Co., Ltd. (Okinawa, Japan)

"SouSou" is a product of Okinawa - a pristine territory thousands of miles away from industrial centers. We present these products with pride and confidence. Okinawa longevity is a well-documented and evidence-based fact.

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