Okamoto Condoms 0.02 EX Excellent

Okamoto Condoms 0.02 EX ExcellentOkamoto Condoms 0.02 EX Excellent_1
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Ultra-thin 0.02mm Japanese condom. Soft and uniform.

  • World's first condom with uniform thickness 0.02mm.
  • It’s so thin, it’s see-through.
  • Made of high heat transfer materials, feels as if nothing’s on.
  • Made of environmentally friendly aqua polyurethane.
  • No rubber smell.
  • Even people with latex allergies can safely use this product.
  • Color: pink.
  • Shape, surface: straight.
  • Lubrication: standard type.
  • Thickness: uniform.
Materials: polyurethane
Color: Pink
Quantity 6 Pieces
Medical equipment approval number: 21700BZZ00193A02

Instruction is in Japanese.

Condoms are an efficient form of birth control, but there is no 100% guarantee, and no 100% protection against venereal diseases.

Manufacturer: Okamoto Co., Ltd. (Japan)