Okinawa Cosmetics

  • Umiashibi

    Umi Ashibi

    "UmiAshibi" is a series of Okinawa cosmetics which was created specially to meet needs expressed by customers, such as:
    ■I don't have much confidence in the vitality and gloss of my hair
    ■I would like to have beautiful hair
    ■I would like to get aroma healing while shampooing my hair.

    11 minerals and plant extracts that can help achieve good results smoothly were chosen:
    mango, passion fruit, shekwasa (citrus depressa hayata), acerola, star fruit (carambola), okinawa carrot, turmeric, light galangal (shell ginger), artemisia, goya (momordica charantia), hibiscus (rose mallow), beauty enhancing ingredients: mozuku seaweed, marine minerals, hair repair ingredients: hydrolyzed wheat protein, shekwasa essential oil.

  • Ryuca



    Both your skin and your heart will be enamored with this resort aroma. Many have had this experience when spending some carefree time at a resort and ... your skin becomes healthier. Your heart and your body will be relieved from stress by the gentle aroma of the southern islands, as if taking a holiday at a relaxing sea-resort. Natural cosmetics where Okinawa wild-herb extracts and Kumejima Island deep-sea water are blending in harmony.  


  • Point


    "Point" line cosmetics. With only one bottle of this almighty gel you can take care of your hair and skin!
    This is a gel with moisturizing abilities of skin lotion and skin milk combined. It is excellent at replenishing skin moisture and at protecting the skin cell membranes due to its natural ingredients, sea algae component in particular.

  • Goya


    These are the natural cosmetics made of Goya (Momordica Charantia, Nigauri) and deep-sea water from Kumejima Island (Okinawa prefecture). This series of products was born paying special attention to the benefits of such components as deep-sea water and Goya (Momordica Charantia, Nigauri). Whenever you feel your skin is dry or you need an after-tan skin care, you can easily moisten your skin with these sprays.

  • Ryuspa

    By harmoneously merging such ingredients as Kumejima Island deep-sea water which took nearly 2000 years to get its present chemical composition, extracts from Goya (Momordica Charantia, Nigauri), Light Galangal (Shell Ginger), Acerola, Hibiscus (Rose Mallow), Aloe and other tropical plants, Ryuspa series was finally born. We are happy to present these cosmetics which will give you the peace of mind and the power which only a paradise resort like the Kumejima Island can give.

  • Sauza


    Sauza (“Southern Wind”) makes generous use of natural ingredients born in the bosom of Okinawa nature.
    With a gentle touch and natural ingredients your skin will be full of vigor. 
    What is good for our diet must also be beneficial to our skin. This series of products was born from this simple concept. If you have confidence in your skin your mind will surely be free end easy as well
    Sauza products will not only give your skin here-and-now relief but also deliver a long-lasting core effect. Let Sauza products help you blossom as a flower under the southern sun.



    With synergistic effect comes agreement. The balance of ingredients is our winning move. Sponge gourd extract and mozuku fukoidan will add a moisturizing effect. Mozuku seaweed in combination with carrot and turmeric extract will soften the skin and protect against UV-rays, while sponge gourd, artemisia, and brown sugar will provide the skin with a careful coating with moisturizing elements.

  • Extra
    Extra Items
  • Okinawa Cosmetics

    In this category we present cosmetics produced in Okinawa prefecture(Japan). Okinawa prefecture consists of hundreds of Ryukyu Islands stretching more that 1000km from Kyushu island to Taiwan. Okinawa is a world-renowned resort and the habitat of multiple rare and endangered species. Okinawa people enjoy pristinely clean environment as it is being carefully protected by locals and because it is located thousands of kilometers away from major industrial centers.

    Okinawa cosmetics presented at are made of products harvested at Okinawa prefecture only. These products include:

    Shell Ginger

    Getto (shell ginger, alpinia zerumbet) extract. Getto is a zingiberaceous plant, which is said to combine flavonoids and saccharides and has a collagen synthesis acceleration effect, collagenase inhibition effect and anti-bacterial effect. At Okinawa Getto leaves have been long used as a wrapping material for mochi (Japanese rice dish), and its seeds have been used for medicinal purposes.

    Passion Fruit

    Passion fruit peel extract. Passion fruit is endemic to Okinawa and combines vitamins, citric acid, and other nutrients in plentiful amounts. Components of passion fruit extract include lutein glycoside, various polyphenols, amino-acids,γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and contribute to its excellent antioxidant effect.


    Goya (Okinawa bitter gourd) extract. This goya extract is produced from goya harvested at Kumejima Island, Okinawa prefecture, Japan. It contains an abundant amount of natural vitamin C and has a strong active oxygen elimination effect (antioxidative effect).


    Acerola (malpighia glabra) extract. This acerola extract contains a lot of natural vitamin C and has the melanin generation inhibition effect.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera leaves extract. Aloe Vera harvested from Miyakojima (Okinawa prefecture, Japan) is rich in mucilaginous polysaccharides and possesses moisture-retaining, anti-inflammatory and melanin generation inhibitive effect.


    Artemisia (mugwort) leaves extract. At Okinawa people have been using mugwort in food since ancient times. It is said to have moisture-retaining, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and collagen generation acceleration effect.


    Kumis Kuching (orthosiphon stamineus) extract. Kumis Kuching is a medicinal herb endemic to Okinawa. One of Kumis Kuching extact's components, rosmarinic acid is effective against allergies and has the strong a strong antioxidant effect.


    Shekwasa extract. Okinawa shekwasa peel extract contains nobiletin, tangeretin and other polymethoxyflavonoids, which effectively suppresses the generation of melanin and protect the skin against irritation caused by the UV-rays.


    Okinawa mozuku is a type of brown algae. Its extract is rich in fucoidan polysaccharide and it effectively slows down the formation of skin wrinkles and inhibits the oxidative decomposition of collagen and hyaluronic acid.