Umi Ashibi

"UmiAshibi" is a series of Okinawa cosmetics which was created specially to meet needs expressed by customers, such as:
■I don't have much confidence in the vitality and gloss of my hair
■I would like to have beautiful hair
■I would like to get aroma healing while shampooing my hair.

11 minerals and plant extracts that can help achieve good results smoothly were chosen:
mango, passion fruit, shekwasa (citrus depressa hayata), acerola, star fruit (carambola), okinawa carrot, turmeric, light galangal (shell ginger), artemisia, goya (momordica charantia), hibiscus (rose mallow), beauty enhancing ingredients: mozuku seaweed, marine minerals, hair repair ingredients: hydrolyzed wheat protein, shekwasa essential oil.