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Fucoidan Manufacturing Process

There are several features that make Okinawa fucoidan products manufactured by Kanehide Bio Co., Ltd. stand out:

  • Fucoidan content in brown seaweedsMozuku brown seaweed (scientific name Cladosiphon Okamuranus Tokida) harvested from the clean Okinawan seas has a rich mineral content, it grows 1.5 to 3.5mm thick when blessed with abundant sun and nutrients brought from the southern Kuroshio sea current, and it has the highest content of fucoidan among other known brown seaweeds.
  • We utilize a unique patented method "Organic Citric Acid Extraction" (patent #3408180). Citric acid is an organic acid found in lemons, plums and other plants and is essential for energy metabolism and recovery from fatigue in humans. Hydrochloric acid and acetic acid were formerly used to extract fucoidan from mozuku seaweed, but now we can extract high-purity and high-quality fucoidan without using these chemicals.
  • We guarantee high quality and safety at all stages of fucoidan production. All manufacturing processes are compliant with the international food safety standard ISO22000 and dietary supplement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Moreover total traceability is implemented at all stages of our manufacturing.
  • We utilize Okinawa mozuku seaweed harvested exclusively from the clean Okinawan seas. Large specialized refrigerators are used to store mozuku seaweed.
  • We utilize our own patented technology (patent #3408180) to extract fucoidan from the seaweed and further separate it according to its molecular weight through an ultrafiltration process to produce a high-purity and high-quality fucoidan extract. We adjust its molecular weight since this is essential to improve absorption of fucoidan. 
  • Initially, fucoidan extract contains significant amounts of salt. We remove about 95% of the salt and make our fucoidan extract as pure and safe as possible.

Okinawa Mozuku Fucoidan Manufacturing Process

1) Harvesting We utilize only mozuku cultivated from the coastal sea waters of Okinawa Island. Mozuku brown seaweed harvesting
2) Raw seaweed quality inspection and storage After the initial mozuku seaweed quality inspection is completed, it is stored in our large refrigerators. We do not preserve mozuku seaweed with salt in order not to damage it. Brown seaweed mozuku
3) Fucoidan extraction process Extracting fucoidan with hot water, hydrochloric acid or acetic acid all turned out to have serious quality flaws, so we had to develop a completely new technology.  Fucoidan extraction
4) Centrifugal separation The extract derived from Okinawa mozuku seaweed is then purified using a centrifugal separation process, which separates the liquid fucoidan extract from the solid fraction of mozuku dregs.  Fucoidan centrifugal separation
5) Filtration At this stage we separate high-molecular weight and low-molecular weight substances using ultrafiltration. Low-molecular weight salt and other impurities are removed at this stage.  Fucoidan extract filtration
6) Concentration and disinfection Having removed the excess salt and other impurities, the fucoidan extract is further concentrated and disinfected in a specialized unit.  Concentration and disinfection
7) Quality control Then we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the product.

 Quality inspection
8) Commercial product manufacturing After we have made sure that the fucoidan extract is compliant with all the stringent standards, it can finally be used to make our commercial fucoidan products.  Commercial fucoidan products

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