Squalene - Miyakojima Deap Sea Shark Liver Oil

Squalene - Miyakojima Deap Sea Shark Liver Oil Squalene - Miyakojima Deap Sea Shark Liver Oil_1 Squalene - Miyakojima Deap Sea Shark Liver Oil_2
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Shark SqualeneThe main role of squalene is carrying oxygen. When squalene is taken inside our body, it becomes activated and enters the bloodstream. Similar to hemoglobin, squalene delivers oxygen to every corner of the organism. Consequently, the cells in our body regain energy and damaged functions are restored. Other important effects of squalene are stamina boost and immune activation: the T-cells and B-cells that are known to regulate our immune system are activated, which increases our natural ability to resist illnesses.

Squalene and unsaturated fatty acid are the most important components found in deep-sea shark liver. The secret of why deep-sea sharks survive sea depths of 300-1,000 meters lies in their livers. If we take aizame (the Centrophorus atromarginatus shark) as an example, its internal organs make up one-third of its whole body, and 70% of its internal organs corresponds to the liver. Such precious components as squalene, squalamine, diacyl glyceryl ether (DAGE), DHA, EPA, and vitamin E are contained in this shark’s liver. To make this product, we use only aizame deep-sea sharks captured near Okinawa and our unique technology (patent #3845754) to produce liver oil rich in squalene and other precious components in their natural form. This product includes no additives of any kind.

Why the aizame shark?

Aizame liver is known to contain record amounts of squalene compared to other types of shark. Living in a dark, cold, high-pressure habitat 800 meters deep in the sea, this shark accumulates high levels of squalene to survive.


Okinawa inshore aizame shark liver extract

Suggested Use: Take a teaspoon of oil before or after a meal
Contents: 180 capsules (250mg/capsule)
Manufacturer: Squalane Co., Ltd. (Okinawa, Japan) 株式会社スクワラン本舗
Nutrition Facts (per 100g):
Calories (kcal) Protein (g) Total Fat (g) Total Carbohydrate (g)
712 26.8 64.7 5.5
Sodium (mg) Sugars (g) Dietary Fiber (g) Other:
- - -
  • Vitamin A 7760μg
  • Retinol 7760μg
  • Vitamin E 37.1mg
  • DHA 0.52g
  • EPA 0.08g
  • Squalene 81.5g
  • Diacyl glyceryl ether

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